Inspired by the vivid turquoise waters and abundant colourful marine life of the great barrier reef, Hot Glass Artisan Kaylene Higgs captures the essence of the tropics in every delicately handcrafted piece.
Individually crafted with layers of specialty glass and kiln fired numerous times to become striking and unique wearable art.

Dichroic glass contains as many as 50 micro-layers of metal oxides which gives the glass it’s unique reflective properties. Many layers of glass are fired at very hight temperatures, some are fired a number of times to achieve the amazing results you see. They are absolutely stunning and sure to be noticed when you wear them!

Dichroic glass dates back to 4th century Ad as seen in the Lycurgus cup. However the invention of dichroic glass is often attributed to NASA who developed it for use in dichroic filters. It is used today in telescopes and stage lighting.

Artist Kaylene Higgs fell in love with its captivating reflective qualities inspiring her to introduce forged glass as a new medium for her creativity which includes vibrant acrylic painting, screen prints, silk paining , and mosaic.
Kaylene reflects her passion for the environment into each design inspired by her travels in exotic locations. The Azure blue of the coral sea lush greens and unusual textures of the rainforests and rich red and ochre of the outback.
Kaylene’s Island based design studio in Moreton Bay with views to Nth Stradbroke and the Gold Coast sky rises with the passing flotilla of sails provides constant inspiration.